Why Men Don’t Listen and Why Women Can’t Read Maps

Sharing the differences based on the book that I read long time ago, also based on my own experiences.

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We, as Men, sometimes got confused and really don’t understand how Women think. They are just so “not making any sense”. Women, on the other side, say they don’t understand us. It is a mutual not-understanding hell of cycle.

Why can’t we understand each other easily? Because men and women are different. They are same species, but have different brain developments.

Several main differences that we all must know.

Men Don’t Listen, because they don’t do multi thread

Men are so focused to only one issue. Their brains are not developed for multi tasking. In order to speak to men, you have to get their focus and attention first. If they are doing something, even if you think a very simple thing, they may not listen to you. It just passes their mind, from left ear to right ear. Also it will be difficult for them to change topic from what they are currently doing — to hear what you are going to say. Therefore please ensure that they are ready to hear, before you state your issues.

Women have multiple core processors

Yes, they can drive, while taking a phone, while doing their make up, while preparing for parking ticket and money without issue. Don’t do anything while driving — if you are men — otherwise you will get yourself killed.

Men are snipers

Focusing to only one point, they can’t see wide angle. When men see an object, their face and head must turn into the object direction.

Women have a very wide angle of vision

Even if women are looking at their phone, they can actually notice if somebody is staring at them. They can easily find missing item in refrigerator or in cupboard. Men will shout “honey, I can’t find my vitamin ” — although it is right in front of them. This is because they have short vision and need to scan each of the item, one by one, from top to toe, to find something. And if somehow the object got rotated and it does not look like what men imagined in mind, they won’t find it.

Women like to talk

That is because their brain area for speech developed more advanced than men. They learn language very easily and can master many languages. Now if you (men) are totally beaten while debating to a lady — don’t be discouraged.

Women can’t read maps

This is because their 3D sensor is not as good as men. When they are reading map, and we are going south — they would actually rotate the map so that it matches with front direction. If you are a couple, and you love your girlfriend, don’t ask them to be your guide who tell you which road to turn next. Otherwise your date will turn into fighting scene.

Women can’t park car properly and generally not as good driver as men

This is still related with their 3D senses. They have difficulty in recognizing space, speed and object velocity.

Women’s sex button is complex

You can ask your husband for sex at anytime, when he is happy, or when he is sad — unless when he feels tired.

But your wife just can’t turn on like that. There are series of switches to be turned on in their brain before they agreed to the mating calls. The point is, they need to feel safe, and they need to be happy, having good mood at that time. Just don’t try to ask for romantic situation when you see them having issues in mind.

When women ask you, they actually want you to think about them

If your girlfriend asks “honey, are you hungry?” — this means they are hungry. Just say yes, and find the nearest cafe.

If you say “no, I am not hungry” most likely they won’t be replying back, nor explaining to you that they are hungry. And suddenly you both went home with her having bad mood and you don’t know why.

Men has simple mind and can get moody over trivia thing

When you see your boyfriend looks sad, don’t bother so much. It is most probably his soccer team lost a match last night, or he spent hundred of Dollars for “Gatcha” but didn’t get the game character he wanted 😆

Men are very open. You can just honestly ask them what’s wrong and they will answer truthfully. Don’t guess. Just ask. If you have boyfriend who used to lie to you, or is closed to you — it is not good sign. Advise: don’t continue your relationship.

Women are very good lie detector

Don’t lie to your girlfriend, due to their wide-angle-view ability, they put full attention to your face, your mimic, your gesture and everything else. They usually can spot if you are lying. There are ways though to hide these, but I am not going to share to you 😜

When women are sad, they can’t just tell everything like men do

Sometimes bad things happen. When they cry, they need hug and caress. They need to be touched physically and emotionally. You can discuss what’s going on when they are ready.

When men are sad — just leave them be.

Seriously, just leave them, give them space for a while, and they will recover soon. If nothing changes after you gave them space — (rare case), then you can start discussion.

— — —

Q: My female friend is a good driver and good at parking, hows that?

It does not mean it applies to all women, but it applies to most. I do also have female friends like that, they drive like a madmax. But usually capabilities like this come with another traits. They look like a tomboy and dressed like a men. Although it does not mean they want to be men or having sexual disoriented. Eventually they all got married and have some children.

— — —

Bonus: How to answer tricky questions from your girlfriend

Q: Do I look better in red or blue ?

You can dress in any color and you will still look absolutely beautiful.

Q: I think I increased my weight. I am getting fatter am I ?

You are as lovely as ever since I met you. Why would you bother over small details? As long as we are together, I am the happiest man ever. Come and enjoy our meals while they are hot.

Q: (pointing to other girl or picture) She is so pretty and hot, right ?

So are you. (you need to change topic ASAP — before she continues other tricky question, like this below)

Q: But who is prettier, me or her ?

She may be the world’s most beautiful girl for his parents and his husband. And you will always be my prettiest ever. (now you really really need to change topic — especially when she said the truth, the other girl is extremely hot 😆)

other way to answer this:

Honey, first of all, beauty is very subjective. To me of course you are prettier. Second of all, it is only physical, shell appearance. It will be gone along with time. I will get old, you will get old. But I would still love you by that time because I know and love you by heart, because of who you are.

Q: The answers seem too bold … ?

If you praise your boyfriend, actually it does not mean anything to them. Men prefer realization than saying. However this is not true for women. You need to praise and flatter them often. Be bold in loving your girlfriend!

Q: I am hungry. Let’s eat something. I would eat anything.

Despite of word “anything”, this is actually the most difficult question. Whatever you food or restaurant you mention, she may reject, because women are actually very picky eater.

Basically you would need a list of foods and restaurants near you or available to order online. From the list, try give a suggestion to here one by one, until she agrees. From the huge list, there must be one option that she likes. Otherwise it just means your list is not large enough.

OK, shall we go to McD ? No ? OK, I am thinking of roasted duck. No ? … (and so on)

— — —

Share this article to your spouse 😃 I hope this can increase your bond better.

Q: wait wait — If I share the tricky questions to my girl friend, then what is the whole point of the answer sheet ?

You are right. That is actually the whole point. Communication. If you share these, then they don’t need to ask these questions in the future 😉



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