Proof of Concept: battery status after 17 months of use

haRies Efrika
3 min readMar 2, 2023

If you have seen my previous article about prolonging battery life, now it is time to prove the result.

Please visit here if you have not read it yet

So I have been applying the tips I wrote there, both in my office laptop (Thinkpad X1) as well the way I tread my smart phone (Samsung M22). Let’s see the end result.

Laptop Thinkpad X1

At the beginning, my battery overall capacity was 105%. Now checked again using tlp-stat command, I get 97% after around 17 months of continuous use of every day, day and night.

This means the battery life depreciation so far per year is at 5.6%. If I apply the same way for the future, means after 4 years of full usage, my overall capacity will still be around 77%, which is great for me, seeing the fact in previous company I changed my laptop battery every one year 😅

PS: I also applied the same mechanism to my wife’s laptop, it is Dell Latitude 5xxx series, but I didn’t get the screenshot at time I am writing this. Her laptop age is around 1 year so far. The battery management for Dell does not show overall actual capacity in percentage like tlp-stat does, but it has its own status distinction and still saying Excellent.

Smartphone Samsung M22

Unfortunately I don’t have the tools and statistics to scientifically compare. But I will let you know the comparison with my wife’s phone (Samsung A50s), which we bought almost at the same time.

My wife’s habit in recharging is like everybody else in general. She charges when the battery is almost dead like less than 20%, and she kept it charged even after it reached 100% overnight.

When we had motorcycle touring few months back, I almost could not rely the google maps on my wife’s phone, since it only stood for around 6 hours. When using mine, it lasted for around 15 hours. I know that A50s capacity is only 4000mAH compared to M22 5000mAH, but the difference in battery reliability caused by recharging habit, is definitely too big.

In day to day basis, when we are not going out, my wife also recharges her phone 2x per day. While I only need 1x recharge for around 30-40 mins. My habit for phone: recharge when it is below 50%, and unplug if it is already 75%.

I hope this tip can help you enjoy your devices better. Cheers 🍻