Elden Ring: The Untold Story

Queen Marika

Queen Marika
A Tarnished Roams on The Lands Between
A Tarnished, on top of Torrents — his horse, roams the Lands Between
Physical Manifestation of a Complete Elden Ring before shattered


Maliketh the Black Blade


Godfrey, the first elden lord
One of the Marika’s church
Fire Giant guarding the Flame of Ruin from Tarnished

Marika x Godfrey


Godwyn the Gold

Twin: Morgott and Mohg

Morgott the Omen King
Mohg the Lord of Blood


Unknown Tarnished resting on site of Grace


Radagon in current state when fighting Tarnished

Queen Rennala and Radagon

Queen Rennala during her Prime

General Radahn

Radahn (right side) when fighting Malenia

Praetor Rykard

Tanith (Rykard’s spouse) and her bodyguard, in front of Rykard’s painting


Ranni the witch in her doll form
Unknown Tarnished having audience with Two Fingers
Unknown Tarnished in front of Ranni’s original and discarded body
Group of assassins killing Godwyn with Black Knife
Godwyn’s body in present state still grows on the root of ErdTree


  • Their faces are similar
  • How Ranni and Melina disappeared into thin air when leaving
  • How Ranni and Melina both talk about Torrent, the horse given to Tarnished
Ranni’s spirit looks like Melina
Melina opens her other eye

Radagon x Marika

Miquella got abducted by Mohg
Malenia sitting on her throne besides root of Haligtree

The Shattering

Demented Rennala still trying to rebirth another Ranni
Marika is shattering the Elden Ring

Post The Shattering

Tarnished trying to beat Rykard
Tarnished standing in front of cocoon containing Miquella, at Moghwyn palace

The Ending

A Tarnished successfully become new Elden Lord
Ranni’s physical doll, messed up after killing two fingers. In front of her, a Tarnished proposes to marry her.
Frenzied Flame




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haRies Efrika

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