Should you or should you not cheat while playing video games?

Only you, yourself, can answer this question.

People play video game for various reasons. While mostly is to relieve stress, the others may play video games (online) to get recognition from public, and some even do this for their professional line of work as vloggers.

Some games are designed to be casual. Some others have extreme difficulty. Yes yes, difficult or not is very subjective. If you are so dedicated and very good in gaming, you perhaps do not find any game to be challenging.

I personally play game to relieve stress, to have fun, to express what I can not do in my professional life. In game, you can be Rambo. You can be even a mighty knight who slays dragon and god of darkness. You can not have this in real life. In game you can have unlimited life or unlimited ammunition. You may cheat if you want. Video game, is the only world where you can go “against the law of gaming”. As long as we keep it to ourselves and do not use it for online gaming. As per saying goes My Game, My Rules. But when it becomes “Our Games”, of course we need to be considerate with other people.

Guardian Legend, NES, 1988.

Is a hybrid game which combines adventure, action-RPG, shoot-em-up styles. It was also one of few early games that I cheated in around 1994–1995. This game has a unique, very long password systems. Accidentally I found a password containing of same characters. Then I found out that the password is actually a coded settings of your game status with a final checksum. After a while of researching myself, I was able to create a whole new password which determines what level I am, what weapons I have, how many chips I have. It is mainly the reason I was able to finish the game, since it was very very very difficult one.

In fact, this game is one of the best game I ever played in my entire life. The song is very good too. You should try playing this game.

Other NES game which has similar crack-able password system is : Metal Gear and Saint Seiya. I also remember that I found a glitch in game: Crystalis which made me able to time travel to the place I should not be, and purchase powerful weapon.

Able to find weakness in the game, able to cheat the game myself, actually brings me satisfaction.

If playing video game makes you stress because it is too difficult, then either you are doing it wrong (too much following the rules, LOL), or the game is not suitable for you. Games should be fun. Games should make you happy. Either way you can always define your own rules for the game.

Happy C̶h̶e̶a̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ Playing 😄