The points which set our standards when we hire someone to join our organization.

Today I learnt a lot from my acquaintance when we discussed about what will be the criteria when we decide to hire or reject an interviewee, especially for leadership position.

What Changes S/He Will Bring

After joining the organization as a lead, will the candidate be able to bring positive changes to…

VPN? In a router? what for ?

If you are working from home, then Virtual Private Networking (VPN) will be a common term. VPN will encrypt all the communications between your laptop at home, through a server connected with your office network. This way, it will feel that you are working directly from office. Nobody out there will be able to sniff the data traffic in between. And normally you need to authenticate yourself to use office VPN, and even many companies would enforce a strong two-step-authentication process (i.e. sending code to your mobile phone).

Other way to…

Or should we say, professional-personal-balance instead ?

You cannot separate work from your life. To exist in this world means we have to participate in the economic world chain, to own a profession. (please check my other post regarding ikigai Definition wise, this would mean that you cannot balance the work with your life, because life itself is a superset class, and work, is the subset.

However, if we speak about professional and personal separation, basically our life during weekday can be divided into three

  • Things we do for only ourselves
  • Things we do to make a living (job)

The most awaited but scary event for all. But is it ?

Working in startup or corporation, of course term performance appraisal and performance calibration are nothing new. The awaited moment where the teams performance is being reviewed for bonus and promotion eligibility. …

If you are a bachelor seeking to tie your bond soon, you might want to check this first.

Marriage is complex. It is so complicated that many of today’s generations choose to skip it. They prefer to not take the risk and stay away from vouching the promises. Furthermore the current society is more lenient in accepting relationship without marriage, such as living together even until having children.

However if you want to stay on the conventional route, dare to challenge yourself for being faithful and patient, be fully responsible to those you love, you should tie the knot officially…

Bleach anime episode 206–210 has more knowledge than just an entertainment to offer.

Those episodes are about flashback, when Kisuke was not even a Lieutenant of one of Gotei 13 squads. Not only his skills were marvelous, Urahara Kisuke who was born genius could not resist the fate when his best friend, Yoruichi Shihoin, proposed Gotei 13 Commander to promote him as new Captain for 12th division.

The trial committee who will test Kisuke’s capability as the new leader, was led directly by the Gotei commander, captain Yamamoto. …

How to ensure our message arrived at our counterpart correctly

As a social creature, communicating is by nature our ability for survival. However, even taken for granted, delivering correct message is often difficult to do. It takes two parties, both sides must do their parts effectively, otherwise a “” most likely will happen. The sender must be able to send the right message. The receiver must ensure they got the message right.

Sending the right message

I was taught by Miss Nuraini Razak (VP of Corporate Communications in Tokopedia — …

Hilda is an adventurous cartoon movie starring cute little blue hair girl who has no limit on bravery. The series recently aired on Netflix.

The first time I saw the artwork, it reminds me to Smurf. But Hilda is actually created by Luke Pearson, not Peyo. Luke is the same guy who created “The Adventure Time”, although the artwork for Hilda is very different.

Japanese. Iki=Life Gai=Values

You’re at your mid twenty or even more. Thinking back of what have you done in 2020. So many problems. So many issues. Did you enjoy your life recently? Was your job too difficult? Is it how you are gonna spend the rest of your age? Did you ever think on what you do, can change other people’s life ?

I was so lucky to receive sharing session from Tokopedia AVP of Sales, Operation & Product, I Ketut Adi Putra ( about Ikigai.

Finding correct purpose of our life

People are born in this world differently. Each…

why do I enjoy thousand kilometers of motorcycle touring

I was never a fan of motorcycle. However I had been an active bicycle users from when I was in elementary school until college. When I was in high school (class XI), my father offered me to use his motorcycle to go to school. This was it:

It was a Honda GL-125, 125cc single cylinder four strokes, which of course at that time I didn’t care at all about specifications. What I felt: It was big, it was heavy, and difficult to start (kick starter). I never had intention to ride…

haRies Efrika

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